A Moose Head in Canadian PLA

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Last year I got commissioned a Moose head 3d model for Materio 3D, a Montreal based 3d filament producer. They specifically wanted this subject because they proudly produce their PLA in Canada, and they asked me to be the modeler, because they know my love for animal sculpting (particularly of Canadian animals), and because they needed to add a particular challenge to the technical making of this model, as they wanted it to be printed without support (another thing I’m fond of).

Moreover, the final print needed to be printed over a 3D Platform Workbench, about 1 meter wide! Which means a very high resolution model as well! The final work took almost a week to print and about 8 kg of filament!

You can see a video of the make of here! https://youtu.be/OLEm-BYVfus I hope you like it 🙂

I recently visted Voxel Factory in Montreal, where the moose head was printed

You can now download this model for Free from Thingiverse! Enjoy!

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