Mystery Boxes!

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Mystery box sale!

To celebrate the arrival of fall, I want to top up the excitement for the holidays plans with a LIMITED SALE of 30 Mystery boxes!
Each box will contain items for a total value discounted at least 30% off the original price!

15 – SMALL 20$ boxes- valued minimum 30$
10 – MEDIUM 35$ boxes – valued minimum 50$
5 – BIG 50$ boxes – valued minimum 75$

Examples of boxes content:

These are just some possible combination of items you can find in each box, the list may vary depending by items availability. Defective items and iterations are already discounted up to 75% off, before the additional 30% off applied to the whole mystery box, so that comes to quite a bargain! Please check in the notes below for a full list of items that could be in the mystery box.

  • SMALL: 1 Treefrog Glow in the dark, 1 bunchafarmer soap holder, 1 Nana cookie cutter and 1 bracelet; or
  • SMALL: 1 Raccoon white, a digital painting Guide PDF, 1 space invader magnet and 1 hearth cookie cutter
  • MEDIUM: 1 Bat Cat Mask regular size, 1 Already Taken pendant and 2 robots; or
  • MEDIUM: Daenerys painted and a Treefrog Blue
  • BIG: 1 Teeko full figurine+ Treefrog Kiwi Green + Treefrog Pendant Blue; or
  • BIG: 1 Geared Cube, 1 hedgehog cookie cutter (with digital cooking/decorating Guide PDF), 1 Yoda rough print, 1 Treefrog pendant black and a Made on Earth pendant.


  • Shipping fees are not included in the mystery box price. Shipping fees will be calculated based on address and shipping options.
  • To place an order and receive an invoice, write to morenap3d (at) Indicate which size mystery box you want to purchase and your postal code for shipping fees calculation (if shipping is required).
  • Boxes will be shipped in 3 to 5 business days, once the order is paid.
  • Gift wrap is available upon an additional fee of 4$ (please inquire by email)
  • Local shipping fees in Toronto may be avoided if picking up downtown (please inquire in your email for more info).
  • FREE SHIPPING OPTION: Thanks to a Canada Post promotion, I can ship one free package in Canada, every Tuesday in October (5 in total). If you want to take advantage of this offer, ask about it, and I’ll put you in line for the next week available Tuesday available.
  • Box may contain any item you can see from my Instagram page (including old posts), Pinshape page or Etsy shop. See below for a written list.
  • SMALL, MEDIUM and BIG may not reflect the actual size of the box, but mostly the monetary value of the items in the box.
  • 3D Prints may vary in color from pictures.
  • 3D Prints may also include design’s iterations, tests, discontinued items or prints with minor imperfections, including skipped layers.
  • May include digital documents links (like my guide for painting on 3d prints, especially if the package includes a figurine to prime and paint, or my guide to use the cookie cutters)
  • Pendants do not include chain/loops/earrings loops etc.
  • Items storing comes in small clear bags, display packaging, jewelry box or cloth pouch.
  • Every sale is final, no refund or returns are accepted. When you choose shipping without insured option, I cannot refund missed or damaged delivery.
  • Prices are already discounted, no coupon can be accepted for this sale.
  • You may mention your preference of item, but this will not guarantee the item availability at time of purchase. I’ll do my best to look at similar items in case I cannot fulfill the request.
  • You may request to ship in a flat envelope (only few available)
  • This offer ends on Sunday November 24th 2019, or up to inventory availability.

Full list of possible items:

  • Treefrog (many colors+ Glow in the dark, primed, ready to paint, bronze/pla + 1 big size)
  • Daenerys bust (iterations, final and painted)
  • Deer figurine (regular, painted and Christmas)
  • Raccoon figurine (regular and painted)
  • PDF Guide “Four Easy Steps to Painting 3D Prints like a Pro”
  • Cookie cutters (Moosember, Moose, Deer, Hedgehog, Hearths)
  • Space invaders magnets
  • Makerfaire mini Robots
  • Bracelets
  • Geared cubes
  • Shot glass (not completely leek proof- drink fast!)
  • Yoda (rough print)
  • Guitar note stands
  • Bunchafarmers soap holder
  • Pendants – Treefrog foot (various materials) , Treefrog shadow (various materials) , hearth (Red PLA), Made on Earth and Already Taken (bronze/PLA).
  • Teeko (full figure and iterations)
  • Maple Syrup can top (regular and iterations)
  • Sheep glow in the dark (regular and iterations)
  • Nana Yogi Avatar figurine
  • Mandela bust (Morgan Freeman) realistic and triangulated
  • Courtney resting
  • Treefrog keychain (keep calm and print frogs)
  • Luce (Lucy in the Sky) final, iterations, clear hollow big + small
  • Hypnotoad
  • Cat Glow in the Dark
  • Bat Cat mask (small and real size)
  • Octopus – 2 kinds, one with hole on top
  • Endometriosis related key chains
  • You can see images from my Instagram page (including old posts), Pinshape page or Etsy shop, but remember, it’s a surprise!
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