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I though several times, since I’m in Canada, I should tattoo “MADE IN ITALY” on my neck. My mother said “Do whatever to your hair, but Don’t touch your skin”. Here I am with pink hair.

Then I woke up one day, early this year, with this though: I can do a model and wear it as a pendant! (it took a few years, but thanks to 3D printing I can now find easier solutions to my wishes).

madeInConutry (Italy) tests
some preliminary tests.
MADE IN ITALY pendant work in progress
prototyping of Keep Cool and Print Frogs and Made in Italy, with Kym’s Ultimaker.
Shapeways prints avialable on
MadeInCountry (ITALY) prototypes
it took 9 printed prototypes to get to the final design (on the right)

It wasn’t exactly the snap of a finger. I designed a few versions, try to understand how possibly it could stand by itself in a elegant way that is quite neutral gender (and sadly all the lowercases and handwriting styles weren’t good for these many letters). Once happy with the main idea, I had to make several tests to overcome all the technical issues. Kym was really helpful in the prototyping phase though his 3D printer and comments. When I got to a satisfactory point, I made other countries, starting from the ones of my friends and colleagues. Kym also asked for a “made on Earth”, and I did also a special “fait au Quebec” for my francophone friends in Montreal. At the end I uploaded 7 of them to Shapeways, to test the materials I was interested to use, and made an order. Then wait.

It was worth it. The result was stunning. They look beautiful, real, professionally made.

I still am a bit excited by what I can do through the technologies available today. I’m glad I can share these ideas with the rest of the world, for anybody that felt like me when they got abroad.

They’re now available on Shapeways to custom print in a wide variety of materials, or on Etsy already printed in a limited selection of materials. I hope this idea will be welcome by most, so that I can invest as well in the realization of the other countries!




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