New Materials for Super Treefrog + COUPON!

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Since a few months I made available, through my Etsy store, a Premium version of my most famous model, Treefrog.

My trusted printing 3dHubs Kym, tested every single filament of PLA he had on this new model, achieving visibly better results than the older model and more appealing details (If you have a 3D printer, you can print it as well from Pinshape).

Finally, these prints are all availiable on Etsy. I have a limited number of prints for most materials (likely only 1 or 2), but there is a wide choice to go for, from any matte colours you’d like, to Transparent coloured filaments, from glow in the dark Blue or Green, to Bronzefill, and even from Impact Modified Black, to a 2X size Sky Blue frog!

So, you just have to pick your favourite one! Also, I added a new coupon with purchases over 25$! Take advantage of it!

Super Treefrog on Etsy

closeUp Super Treefrog collection

Glow in the Dark Blue + Green


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