Sculpting figurines

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These are not for sale, but worth to mention, some modelling and printing test I made, while participating to Dusk Till Drawn‘s art blog challenges “Games of Throne” and “Marvel & DC”. I’ve posted the results on my Tumblr page.

I made Daenerys Tangerine (1 & 2) as a head bust, really intrigues by her hair style (showing 2 different printing resolutions), and then Lucy in The Sky (Karolina) from Marvel’s Ruways (1 & 2). This second sculpture was a real exciting work because through a hollow print in clear blue pla, I could express visually the light effect that distinguish this character through a Arduino driven rgb led (made by Kym). Prints are all as well from Kym. Check the VIDEO!

Hope you enjoy it!
Daenerys figurine 3d print
Daenerys Tangerine 3D model
Lucy in the sky -Karolina- 3d Model
Lucy In the Sky – Karolina – print with light
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