Writing a Painting Tutorial :-)

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When I model and print my designs, I get frequently asked if I’m going to paint on them.

As I know how long time would take, but how much rewarding would be to share the experience, and see other people’s creations after it, I though to write a tutorial about the whole process.

Pinshape Painting tutorial

This is mainly because I couldn’t find tutorials that were using easy to use tools and with great results at the same time, and also because I definitely have a different style than others do, which adds to the variety.

It took almost 3 weeks of my mornings (painting and photos had to be done with a nice lighting, but having a day time job, I had limited time  spread during numerous days for this home process). Kym, my partner, has been really helpful as usual, through the beautiful photos, and Ally’s art was definitely a big help for the achievement of a nice result.

For the publishing of this Tutorial I found a great collaboration in Pinshape, who made a very clean and well lay-out blog post (other than a super fluttering title!), and always with incredible kind, easygoing and fast communication, which make it one of the best costumer service experience I ever had.

So, here the Tutorial, I hope you’ll enjoy it!



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