Laundry Soap Handlers!

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This was born purely out of necessity.

I looked for so long to get a soap handler for my Laundry soap, as I find it so annoying to use it bare hand, that the last time we went to the hardware store hoping to find one, Kym told me “Why don’t you just make one?”.

Of Course! I could make a 3D model and print it!

So, like that, my first prototype was ready by evening. When I showed it to family and friends they were ecstatic! So I worked over the design to have something good looking, light and easy to print.

They’re currently available for purchase on Etsy and hopefully soon as well for direct 3D printing. Check my Facebook Page for updates!
Stain Remover Soap Handler
first prototype
first prototype


development for commercial use
development for commercial use
final Laundry Soap Handler
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