Nana 3D Yogi Avatar

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This model is my entry for Pinshape’s Avatar Design Contest, where we’re asked to imagine how we will be represented in the future, as avatars through VR.¬† It was very natural to me to bring up one of my dreams, which is that one day I’ll be able to do my creations through a VR set, which allowes me to translate my though in to 3D models, withouth the need of other tools or consoles, so that in the meanwhile I can do other things to take care of my health, like yoga, meditation and other activities. Indeed my meditation would become 3D modeling, so that I don’t have to give up one for the other. Win win!

A video of the complete work in progress here


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BatCat Mask

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I just entered a contest for Pinshapes by the title “Batman vs Superman”. Wish me luck! ūüôā

For more info and to download the model, please visit:

batcat_12_side batCat_Wip_printing batcat_11_sizeFront

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Spreading Awareness with 3D Printing

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I have a illness. It’s invisible to other people’s eyes.

It’s called Endometriosis and it it’s pretty common, at least 10% of women have it.

Still, most people have never even heard about this disease,¬†it takes¬†nearly a decade¬†to be diagnosed,¬†and it’s a debilitating condition which causes pain sometime worse than labor, organ adhesion, bowel/bladder issues, infertility, and so on, without even starting to talk about the emotional toll that all of it¬†carries.

No one still can tell for sure what causes it, there is not a definitive cure, the most effective surgery is sadly not the most practiced, hormonal cures don’t stop it and have horrible side effects, and the natural route (which can only manage the symptoms) is so vaste, and equally¬†expensive and overwhelming¬†that still have an¬†impact¬†on the quality of¬†life, as a person spend all the free time (and money) between cooking organic food at home, taking supplements, yoga, massage, acupuncture, reiki, naturopath, chiropractor, psicotherapist, nutritionist, and so on, while doing monitoring ¬†exams,¬†seeing various¬†specialists, surgeries etc . Oh I forgot, all of this while you’re already feeling exhausted.

Canada cover the expenses of surgery, but not all country do, and women need to have several surgeries in their life time, even fly far from home to (hope to) have the adequate care. To not mention disability, or days lost from work due to it. Research is poorly founded, despite the incredible number of people affected by it (at least 176 million world wide).

I was silent for a while, ashamed (who likes to talk about sick ovaries and bowel issues to other people raise his hand!), feeling in fault because I couldn’t handle my life as I once was able too, or because I was somehow affecting the life of those around me, not filling their expectation or the ones I have for myself.¬†Silence brought me nowhere. I tried to explain it, but again, it is an invisible and unknown illness, even when I tried they couldn’t really understand. “Is it a benign tumor?”. Me:(sigh)”…yes…” (benign… seems pretty evil to me, it’s a systemic disease that involves both the immune and endocrine systems and even after¬†surgery it keeps coming back with revenge…but, hey! At least you understand the word tumor!).

Then, talking with other women with endo, I finally learnt¬†that all I was experiencing were symptoms of this nasty illness. That it wasn’t my fault. It somehow helped me to feel confident and speak up about it. To¬†not feel anymore ashamed and to understand that the basic problem about this illness is IGNORANCE, even¬†in¬†the the medical community, imagine the average person.

What I’d really want is for the whole world to know the name “Endometriosis”, or¬†at least “Endo” for short,¬†and to recognize it, to help women like me to be diagnosed sooner, and to find a definitive cure, because this illness is really taking the best out of me and of all these women who suffers from it.

I saw how this 3D printing community is great and it can touch every side of the globe. A few years ago, I put a model of a Treefrog online, to learn about 3D printing, and now it is a benchmark for this industry. Over 50.000 downloads and many more printed. If I could find the same support I got for my art and technical knowledge to help me spreading the word and support about Endometriosis, we’d all be helping making the life of these 176 million women better. Livable, enjoying life as they knew it before this thing took over them, and be able to care for their loved ones.


I posted the END ENDOMETRIOSIS AWARENESS RIBBON on various 3d printing websites: Thingiverse, Pinshape and Tinkercad (where you can even personalize it with your own Endo message).

Please, Print it in yellow and Spread awareness. Wear it on for your wife, girlfriend, daughter, best friend, colleagues and yourself. Sell it, but only to raise money for Endometriosis organizations of your choice, to help research, education and support.

Help me to have a brighter future and to just worry about doing more beautiful art, instead of spending all my time devoured by this disease.


Thank you







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Black Friday Sale!

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It’s Black Friday for 3D printing too!

BlackFriday etsy

If you were just waiting for a special occasion to purchase a 3D print, this is probably the best day of the year!

Any of my Etsy store item are 15% off¬†, applying shop coupon code BLACKFRIDAY2015, while¬†if you have a 3D printer you may take advantage of Pinshape’s 30% off with the promo code BLACKFRIDAY15

May be the perfect time to get a Teeko or a Treefrog! What are you waiting for?!!

pinshape blackFriday


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Writing a Painting Tutorial :-)

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When I model and print my designs, I get frequently asked if I’m going to paint on them.

As I know how long time would take, but how much rewarding would be to share the experience, and see other people’s creations after it, I though to write a tutorial about the whole process.

Pinshape Painting tutorial

This is mainly because I couldn’t find tutorials that were using easy to use tools and with great results at the same time, and also because I definitely have a different style than others do, which adds to the variety.

It took almost 3 weeks of my mornings (painting and photos had to be done with a nice lighting, but having¬†a day time job, I had limited time ¬†spread during numerous days for this home process). Kym, my partner, has been really helpful as usual, through the beautiful photos, and Ally’s art was definitely a big help for the achievement of a nice result.

For the publishing of this Tutorial I found a great collaboration in Pinshape, who made a very clean and well lay-out blog post (other than a super fluttering title!), and always with incredible kind, easygoing and fast communication, which make it one of the best costumer service experience I ever had.

So, here the Tutorial, I hope you’ll enjoy it!



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Happy Movember!

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Last year, in occasion of Movember ( during November some men grow moustache in order to raise attention and money for men related health issues, like prostate cancer or mental health)  I made a cookie cutter based on a old design of mine (the moose) and added moustaches under Kym request.

And like that, was born the canadian cookie cutter Moosember!

This is now available for 3d print on Pinshape, or you can get it already printed from Etsy!




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New Materials for Super Treefrog + COUPON!

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Since a few months I made available, through my Etsy store, a Premium version of my most famous model, Treefrog.

My trusted printing 3dHubs Kym, tested every single filament of PLA he had on this new model, achieving visibly better results than the older model and more appealing details (If you have a 3D printer, you can print it as well from Pinshape).

Finally, these prints are all availiable on Etsy. I have a limited number of prints for most materials (likely¬†only 1 or 2), but there is a wide choice to go for, from any matte colours you’d like, to Transparent coloured filaments, from glow in the dark Blue or¬†Green, to Bronzefill, and even from Impact Modified Black, to a 2X size Sky Blue frog!

So, you just have to pick your favourite one! Also, I added a new coupon with purchases over 25$! Take advantage of it!

Super Treefrog on Etsy

closeUp Super Treefrog collection

Glow in the Dark Blue + Green


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Raccoon – smart and cute!

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I live in Toronto and, as Italian born, I am not used to wild animals in the city, as squirrels, raccoons and skunks.

Raccons are perhaps the most interesting, from the beautifully textured fur, to their ability in opening green bins. Apparently the city ones are the smartest!

As I was testing some new Zbrush tool, I developed this raccoon from some old sketch I made, and gave it a cartoony look.

Once printed, I painted this with the traditional colours, but I though as well would be nice¬†to paint over as the brown variant, or even as the red panda! Maybe later, or maybe you can do it! This model is now up for streaming from Pinshape¬†, or you can get it already printed or painted from my Etsy Store ūüėČ



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A new Teeko for the 2nd Chirault

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This year too I support Ally’s RomColthoff Kickstarter campaign to print the 2nd Volume of her comic¬†Chirault.

This time the print is made from Shapeways industries in white polished nylon, a real beauty! So, just few days till the campaign end, with this and other rewards for the higher tiers. Check it out!

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Teeko up to 3D print!

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Last year I did a couple of 3D printed figurines for Varethane (Ally RomColthoff), based on her webcomic Chirault.

Ally is currently doing a second Kickstarter campaign to print volume 2 of this comic, you have up to Oct 24 to back her up!

In the meanwhile,¬†I spent numerous hours to prime and paint this bust of Teeko, but it’s finally done!

You can either buy the painted version from my Etsy Store, or 3D print your own¬†from Pinshape and paint it yourself! Hope you’ll enjoy it!

3D print it from Pinshape!
Buy it painted from Etsy!




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Sweet deer eyes… in 3D!

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Earlier this year, a comic/video games concept artist based in Montreal, Minikim, made an adorable doodle that I just HAD TO model! (Yes, this model was cooking since many months, and finally is out!)

I really wanted to translate this design from 2D to 3D, to figure-out how to balance the weights for 3D printing, and read the shapes in the 3D environment.

I also painted this deer in a couple of ways, to bring out the full charm¬†of this character! It’s now on PINSHAPE for Streaming.

If you don’t have a 3D printer, or would like the deer already painted, you can visit my Etsy store.

You can also visit Minikim website to see other amazing and original work!

or twit her at: @minikim

cute-deer-by-minikim- painted deers

cute-deer-by-minikim- live outdoor photo

cute-deer-by-minikim-3d- original design



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Labels for Frogs and Sheep

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I recently worked on labels in order to expose my work in live stores and crafts markets in town. The Labels are completely hand made, and feature a nana comic on the back, to illustrate my process. In the Goodnight Sheep clear bag I also inserted Command poster strip, and relative instructions, to hang the sheep and remove them safely from the wall.

I hope you’ll enjoy them!

assembling the labels
front/back Sheep Glow in the Dark and Super Treefrog
at Christie Pits Arts Crawl Festival


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Low Poly Mandela (Morgan Freeman) and Courtney

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I am enjoying Pinshape more and more lately, thanks to the great community focused team, so I ended up participating to a contest recently, about low poly 3D printed model.

I always been fascinated with this style, but never experimented before. Or better, I did triangulated models before, but never for artistic purposes, and mainly to save polygons to my models.

I always try to learn something new whenever I do a model, therefore this contest was great as I learned how to model for low poly, and I also played with both Blender and Zbrush for this final effect.

They’re both available to print from Pinshape, here the links to Morgan Freeman as Nelson Mandela and Courtney Resting.


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Guitar clip for holding notes

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Last year I participated in a local free music festival, Open Tuning, and I performed some italian songs. As I mainly like singing, I couldn’t remember all all the song¬†chords. But I know how bad it looks to perform with music paper¬†in front, so I though of a sneaky way to have still the tune remind without giving in the eye, through this little clip ūüôā


I now use it every time I need to perform in public. Very handy. There’s¬†a video here.

If you’d like to use it too, this model is now available to print from Pinshape.


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Counting Sheep to fall asleep!

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it’s a while I did the first jumping sheeps back in 2012, when I was still learning about 3D printing. This year I finally polished the design with improved style and cuteness overall.

As usual, it took a few prototypes, where I wanted the silhouettes to be easy to read at night, and I’m very happy with the final result.

People should be able to print or order only the sheep they want.

I like the idea to have a composition on the wall at night, where people can personalize the glow in the dark silhouettes as they want to tell their own story.

If this will be well received, I’ll start to work on new designs, adding to the story.






For now, You can purchase them already printed from Etsy, or 3d print them directly on Pinshape (check out all my designs to print on my Pinshape page!).

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New Plated Materials on Shapeways

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I’m ¬†glad to announce that now all my “Made in Country” pendants ( plus¬†“Already Taken”) are avialable in 4 new plated materials: 14k Gold, 18k Gold, 14k Rose Gold and Rhodium. Visit my Shapeways store to order your custom material!

14k Gold Plated Render
18k Gold Plated Render


14k Rose Gold Plated Render


Rhodium Plated Render


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Trying Pinshape

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I’ve been looking for a while to 3D printing models marketplace that could reflect a number of specific quality: Local, allowing Streaming of Models, clear license attributions. Pinshape has offices in Vancouver, Canada and San Francisco, California, uses 3DprinterOS¬†(which I find great for “pay per print” use,¬†while keeping a safe IP) and highlight very well the License attribution.

I’ll give it a go and start to upload my models. I hope you’ll like this marketplace as well and will enjoy to print directly my models ūüôā
Cat Glow in the Dark


Maple Syrup Can Top Pencil Holder Decoration


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Cat Glow in the Dark!

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Back in 2005 I made an illustration to test my new Wacom tablet.¬†I wasn’t a real expert in digital painting so I did something stylized and turned out with¬†a glowing effect.

When recently I though to bring some of my illustrations into 3D printing, Glow in the Dark¬†filament¬†seemed to just be perfect for this project! It’s so cute to see the Cat on a shelf at night, surrounded by the classic¬†glow in the night stars, to reproduce the effect of the first illustration, and tell¬†a story on the wall.

You can either order one from Etsy, or print your own from CgTrader. Enjoy!


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3D printing in Bronzefill!

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I can finally purpose some of my pendants in Bronzefill, a filament composed by 80% fine¬†Bronze¬†powder and 20% PLA/PHA, printed with an Ultimaker from Kym’s Hub in Toronto. It’s not casted!

You currently can buy “Made on Earth” and “Already Taken” from my Etsy store.

Otherwise,¬†if you’d like another¬†of my designs¬†printed with this material, just feel free to contact me!
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3D printed PAINT on Maple Syrup CAN = Pencil Holder!

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I’m a perfect Italian/Canadian: I sweeten my espresso every morning with a teaspoon of Maple Syrup ūüėČ


Well, this is something I picked up as soon as I got to Quebec, where you find Maple Syrup on the table of every brunch restaurant and they have Sugar Shack (maple syrup based lunches in the extraction areas) in early spring.

Then You get the cans. They’re just too pretty to throw away. So they became a¬†pencil holder, two, three… but somehow still cold, still just a tin. So when the paint idea come to me I was really enthusiastic and looking forward the¬†final product done. They really do complete it nicely!

I have it now available for purchase on Etsy, or you can print your own on Cgtrader. Yes! If you have a 3d printer, you can stream directly the model to your printer! I hope you’ll enjoy this model¬†ūüôā


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More Countries!

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A few months have past since I started the “Made in Country” collection (see blog). Now a few other countries have been added (thanks to friends and fans requests): Portugal, France, Staya/Stalia (Australia) and Aotearoa (New Zealand)!¬†You can find them all on my Shapeways Store MorenaP.
Made in STRAYA in Premium Silver
Polished Silver, Premium Silver, Raw Brass
Raw Brass – Fait En FRANCE pendant

As usual I made some prototype with Kym before uploading the models.

You can also find some other pendant, like Already Taken, for an original loving gift ūüėČ

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Teeko 3D on Kickstarter

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This is a very exciting news!

I’m collaborating with Ally Rom Colthoff (aka Varethane)¬†to her Kickstarter campaign, with aim to print her webcomic Chirault, with the 3D sculpture¬†of one of her comic main characters: Teeko (see pics below).

For 250$ you can pledge for one figurine (3d printed by Kym), including a copy of her comic Chirault volume 1 with signed bookplate, plus prints, minicomic, wallpaper and PDF!

But hurry, only 6 days left to go!

I’ve also made a post on my Tumblr¬†and Facebook pages if you’d like to share around!

Here a wip of the 3D model and the 1st Teeko 3D print!

teeko 3d model

teeko sculpture 3d print

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Sculpting figurines

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These are not for sale, but worth to mention, some modelling and printing test I made, while participating to Dusk Till Drawn‘s art blog challenges “Games of Throne” and “Marvel & DC”. I’ve posted the results on my Tumblr¬†page.

I made Daenerys Tangerine (1 & 2) as a head bust, really intrigues by her hair style (showing 2 different printing resolutions), and then Lucy in The Sky (Karolina) from Marvel’s Ruways (1¬†&¬†2). This second sculpture was a real exciting work because through a hollow print in clear blue pla, I could express visually the light effect that distinguish this character through a Arduino driven rgb led (made by Kym). Prints are all as well from Kym. Check¬†the VIDEO!

Hope you enjoy it!
Daenerys figurine 3d print
Daenerys Tangerine 3D model
Lucy in the sky -Karolina- 3d Model
Lucy In the Sky – Karolina – print with light
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Lower prices on Shapeways items!

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Thanks to Shapeway’s new pricing for some of the materials, now Keep Calm and Print Frog keychain is considerably cheaper to produce! I’ve also added some choice in steel. Check them out!
Some lower prices as well on Steel materials for the Treefrog Foot Pendant and Treefrog Shadow Pendant. Enjoy your shopping more than ever!  and
Treefrog foot pendant  -or-
Treefrog Shadow Pendant -or-
Treefrog Shadow Pendant  -or-
Keep Calm and Print Frogs -or-
Keep Calm and Print Frogs  -or-


I’m also doing a promotional sale on my Etsy store, up to December 20th, for the items that have been already printed by Shapeways, in occasion of winter holidays¬†shopping! Here below the list:

Made in Country: Australia, Belarus, China, Quebec

Treefrog Foot pendant: coloured nylon, Steel

Treefrog Shadow pendant: Frosted ultra detail, coloured nylon, Steel

Keep Calm and Print Frogs: Nylon & Frosted.

Costumers outside Canada can enjoy any of these items, in several materials choice, directly from my Shapeways store.

Happy winter shopping!

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Laundry Soap Handlers!

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This was born purely out of necessity.

I looked for so long to get a soap handler for my Laundry soap, as I find it so annoying to use it bare hand, that the last time we went to the hardware store hoping to find one, Kym told me “Why don’t you just make one?”.

Of Course! I could make a 3D model and print it!

So, like that, my first prototype was ready by evening. When I showed it to family and friends they were ecstatic! So I worked over the design to have something good looking, light and easy to print.

They’re currently available for purchase on Etsy and hopefully soon as well for direct 3D printing. Check my Facebook Page for updates!
Stain Remover Soap Handler
first prototype
first prototype


development for commercial use
development for commercial use
final Laundry Soap Handler
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Custom Cookie Cutters!

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I finally updated my listings on Etsy in order to include as well the possibility to do

– Re-print of existing cookie cutter (Link)

– 3D model and print of Cookie Cutter starting from your own illustration/coloured design (Link)

–¬†3D model and print of Cookie Cutter starting from your Black and White¬†design (Link)

As usual, these are all printed by Kym’s Hub here in Toronto.
From Black and White image to Cookie Cutter!
From illustration to Cookie Cutter!

I think these will be great for store logos, engagement parties, baby showers, birthday parties, general presents and so on. I can’t wait to do some more!

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Treefrog geeky gadgets!

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The Treefrog design happen as I was trying to figure out where else I can put my talent at full. Two years ago 3D home printing was at the beginning of its revolution, so I studied modelling issues in order to create a nice organic shape that could push on these challenges and allow a new way to compare printers and materials.

I’m quite¬†overwhelmed by the response of people around the world. It’s¬†incredible to¬†see¬†people in other countries collaborating with me to the same goal. They¬†can’t stop to impress me, even today.¬†It’s always a moment of joy to see the new ways¬†3D printer users¬†are experimenting through this model.

3D printing calls for tons of ideas. I took a step further, and I started to develop some of these¬†to use for other people. I hope they’ll¬†get the same¬†enthusiasm as I got in that moment I though of these designs.

And so it goes first my big thanks for all the people that made their 1st prints with the Treefrog, to all these that show how 3D printing work through it, and to who chose it as their preferred calibration tool.

I made some objects based on the Treefrog design, that I hope you’ll all love and laugh to see, in the¬†understanding of its meaning: we tried, we failed, we succeeded, we are still discovering, exploring and creating through 3D printing. Limitation are¬†challenges to be solved.

They’re avialable on Shapeways¬†to custom print in a wide variety of¬†materials, or on Etsy¬†already printed in a limited selection of materials.

I love the layering that come out of the Steel, because it adds character while¬†reminding us that it’s 3D printed.
Treefrog Shadow & Foot prototypes through Kym’s Ultimaker.
KeepCalmAndPrintFrogs : developing steps. Print prototyping through Kym’s Ultimaker.
Treefrog Shadow in Matte Bronze Steel printed by Shapeways

I take the chance to Thanks all my friends and family that supported me along this path, and that had so much patience in see this project being brought to light!

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Made in Country

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I though several times, since I’m in Canada, I should tattoo “MADE IN ITALY” on my neck. My mother said “Do whatever to your hair, but Don’t touch your skin”. Here I am with pink hair.

Then I woke up one day, early this year, with this though: I can do a model and wear it as a pendant! (it took a few years, but thanks to 3D printing I can now find easier solutions to my wishes).

madeInConutry (Italy) tests
some preliminary tests.
MADE IN ITALY pendant work in progress
prototyping of Keep Cool and Print Frogs and Made in Italy, with Kym’s Ultimaker.
Shapeways prints avialable on
MadeInCountry (ITALY) prototypes
it took 9 printed prototypes to get to the final design (on the right)

It wasn’t exactly the snap of a finger. I designed a few versions, try to understand how possibly it could stand by itself in a elegant way that is quite neutral gender (and sadly all the lowercases and handwriting styles weren’t good for these many letters).¬†Once happy with the main idea,¬†I had to make several tests¬†to¬†overcome all the technical issues. Kym was really helpful in the prototyping phase though his 3D printer and comments. When I got to a satisfactory point, I made¬†other countries, starting from the ones of my friends and colleagues. Kym also asked for a “made on Earth”, and I did also a special “fait au Quebec” for my francophone friends in Montreal. At the end I uploaded¬†7 of them to Shapeways, to test the materials I was interested to use, and made an order. Then wait.

It was worth it. The result was stunning. They look beautiful, real, professionally made.

I still am a bit excited by what I can do through the technologies available today. I’m glad I can share these ideas with the rest of the world, for anybody that felt like me when they got abroad.

They’re now available on Shapeways¬†to custom print in a wide variety of¬†materials, or¬†on Etsy¬†already printed in a limited selection of materials.¬†I hope this idea will be welcome by most, so that I can invest as well in the realization of the other countries!




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making Nana cookie cutters

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cookie cutter design from the illustration “Taroonga Zoo

Last year I was experimenting on cookie cutters making, with some complex shape, so I though to take my Nana comic face (which I use a lot as avatar in internet) and work on how to get nicely the black and white spaces, with the lines and a border, and a strong support base.

I did a mistake on my 1st prototype, I didn’t flip the image (usually it’s not a problem, but this particular illustration has the face looking left). It’s very funny and upsetting at the same time making such a silly mistake. Oh well. Good the second!


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Tokens and Effigy

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I’m happy to start this website blog with some 3d models I did for two very interesting girls! Robogrrl is an Arduino and Robotics master, while Varethane is a amazing comic artist!

A while back I did some 3D printable token for the indigogo campaign of Robobrrd. You can find these on my Thingiverse page (Surf, Hat and Mail ) and personalize the banner with your name. Tokens can be used commonly as keychain or backpack tag, thanks to the top hole that allows them to be hooked wherever you like!

More recently, I did the emblem of¬†Chirault‘s¬†artist Varethane, for her ink-press stamp decorations. These are about 4 inches big.

Feel free to ask for your personalized token or effigy!

personalized robobbrd token, print courtesy of Kym
personalized robobrrd token, print courtesy of Kym
Varethane effigy, Positive and Negative print.
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if you ended up here…. well, I’m still setting up this website! Come back in a few days!

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